Fanny Cacherat

Junior Project Engineer in Hydrogen and e-Mobility

I studied Energy and Process Engineering in Grenoble (France). After experiences in the field of cryogenics at CNRS, Air Liquide and CERN (European research organization which operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world) I am now part of the French program V.I.E. (Volontariat International en Entreprise),

I devote myself to the environmental cause by working in the field of Hydrogen and E-mobility at Total Deutschland. I implement Hydrogen and Charging stations into the existing Total filling station network together with my team. The goal is to offer our customers more and more green and alternative fuel solutions.

Time Line

  • 10.2018 - Now
    TOTAL Deutschland
    Berlin (Germany)

    <b><u>Junior Project Engineer in Hydrogen and e-Mobility </b></u></br> Hydrogen and Charging Point Implementation in Germany</br> <small>✓ Market expansion </br> ✓ Managing the construction of new hydrogen stations</br> ✓ Operating and optimising already existing hydrogen stations</br> ✓ Deployment of electric chargers at selected sites </small>

  • 2016 (6 months)</br>2015 (6 months)
    Geneva (Switzerland)

    <b>2016: <u>Thermal Engineer</b></u></br> Thermal characterization of solid materials in the low-temperature range</br> <small>✓ <b>Technical student</b> (internal program)</br> ✓ Determined thermal characteristics of new solid materials (thermal conductivity, diffusivity and heat capacity) between cryogenic to room temperatures with a focus in the low-temperature range</br> ✓ Experimentation, data analysis and reporting</small></br></br> <b>2015: <u>Assistant Research Engineer</b></u></br> Studies concerning the use of a thermal cooling shield of the ICARUS detector</br> <small>Before being sent to the FermiLab (USA) for further experiments, the neutrinos detector ICARUS was refurbished at CERN (Switzerland).</br> ✓ Performed technical, mechanical and thermal calculations and designed a test bench used for thermal measurements regarding the ICARUS detector</small>

  • 2014 (4 months)
    Air Liquide
    Grenoble (France)

    Assistant Research Engineer

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