Fanny Cacherat


“I am pleased to actively support the change from a mineral oil company towards more renewable and alternative fuels. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and it requires the commitment of everyone.”


“Unterschiedlich ist aber die Reichweite der beiden Kraftstoff-Alternativen. Für lange Strecken würden sich E-Autos noch nicht eignen, meint Total-Energieingenieurin Fanny Cacherat.”

Time Line

  • 10.2018 - Now
    Project Engineer (V.I.E.)
    TOTAL Deutschland - Berlin (Germany)

    Hydrogen and Charging Point Implementation in Germany - Market expansion - Managing the construction of new hydrogen stations - Operating and optimising already existing hydrogen stations - Deployment of electric chargers at selected sites

  • 2016 (6 months) and 2015 (6 months)
    Thermal Engineer
    CERN - Geneva (Switzerland)

    Thermal characterization of solid materials in the low-temperature range - Studies concerning the use of a thermal cooling shield of the ICARUS detector - Technical student

  • 2014 (4 months)
    Assistant Research Engineer
    Air Liquide - Grenoble (France)

    Experiment development of a test bench using thermosensitive paint for optimising the thermal leaks in cryogenic tanks for Ariane's launchers test benches